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I work under the supervision of a licensed speech-language therapist providing essential support in the treatment of clients with traumatic brain injury. My role includes a variety of tasks aimed at helping TBI clients regain or improve their communication, cognitive, and swallowing abilities.

Speech & language therapy play a crucial role in the rehabilitation process, helping clients make meaningful improvements in their communication abilities and overall quality of life.

I support my clients to become familiar with assistive technology; The Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) device, eye gaze board before implementing the eye tracking technology.

I use Makaton, a communication system that combines signs, symbols, and speech to support individuals with communication difficulties.

I support my clients by:

  • Implement treatment plans designed by the speech & language therapist.
  • Monitor and record the client’s progress with eating and drinking.
  • Collect date on the clients communication abilities.
  • Conduct speech, language, and cognitive exercises to improve articulation, comprehension, and expression.
  • Facilitate cognitive communication therapy, focusing on memory, attention, problem-solving, and executive functioning.
  • Support/model to clients exercises to rebuild motor speech skills, such as strengthening the muscles involved in speech production.