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Rehabilitation Movement Competencies

Below is a list of the skills/competencies that lesley can demonstrate.

Moving and Handling
Competence 1: Lesley is able to safely carry out appropriate transfer with or without the aid of equipment
1. Attends moving and handling training
2. Is familiar with equipment to aid transfers: sliding board, banana board, sliding sheet, bed lever, hoist and sling
3. Can demonstrate knowledge of safety issues: patient, Equipment, environment
4. Can demonstrate safe transfer techniques
Competence 2: Lesley is able to carry out mobility practice using the appropriate aid and gait pattern instructed by the therapist
1. Demonstrates safe instruction of using walking aides; walking sticks, elbow crutches, zimmer frame, rollator
2. Performs walking practice on different surfaces: outdoors, ramps, uneven surfaces
3. Demonstrate different types of gait: NWB, PWB, FWB
Competence 3: Lesley is able to carry out stairs practice with patients safely using the correct technique
1. Has knowledge of the correct techniques for ascending and descending stairs
Competence 4: Lesley is able to follow correct guidelines for using a wheelchair with a client in the community
1. Is familiar with different types of chairs and names
2. Has knowledge of safety checklist for a wheelchair and accessories prior to using
3. Can help position client in a wheelchair effectively and knows what to observe, for an optimum position in a wheelchair
Competence 5: Lesley is able to teach a client the use a wheelchair safely
1. Can demonstrate the use of: brakes, footplates, armrests, cushions, lap straps, folding a wheelchair 
2. Can demonstrate to the client how to remove and fit accessories
3. Has awareness of what to do if a repair is required
Competence 6: Lesley understands the importance of supporting clients in the community
1. Has understanding of importance of a gradual introduction of client into community activities
2. Has understanding of importance of grading activities specific to the client and assessing risk
3. Understand the importance of liaising with senior if unsure.

An associate member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, I am proud to adhere to their standards and ethos.

Associate member
Chartered society of physiotherapy