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A fantastic few hours assisting Hydrotherapy.

I had a fantastic session providing valuable support to a Physiotherapy Therapist, specifically in the soothing and therapeutic environment of hydrotherapy. Assisting clients during their rehabilitation journey in the hydro pool is truly rewarding and impactful.

Developing a clients fine motor skills and sensory awareness using modelling clay.
This allows the client to vary the pressure needed, to be given valuable feedback as to the impact different levels of pressure from the fingers have open the modelling clay.
A fantastic tool for helping.

Supporting a client with the use of the FES bike, provides a holistic approach, not only engaging muscles but also boosting mood and confidence. Realistic goals are set, and showcasing the incredible strides the client makes. 

I assisted my client in the community by providing dedicated support and engagement in the sport of BOCCIA, helping his physical and social well-being.

Lovely morning in the community supporting my client with crafts. This helps create a warm and inclusive atmosphere, fostering connection, creativity, sensory exploration, and friendship. It’s a delightful blend of shared experiences that brightens not just the day but the entire community spirit.

Following a sensory program, I aim to further enhance my client’s finger dexterity through tailored finger motor activities, providing targeted support to improve fine motor skills and overall sensory development.