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Rehabilitation FES Bike Competencies

Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike
Competence 1: Lesley has the skills and knowledge to use a FES bike
1. She understand how to turn on the MotoMed bike and Hasomed FES unit.
2. Is able to locate a client and select the appropriate programme.
3. Is able to safely position the client so as to ensure their position is optimised whilst cycling with either arms or legs.
4. Can accurately place the FES pad correctly as directed by physiotherapy and/or the written instructions. 
5. Is able to ensure the client’s safety through the session using brakes on wheelchair and weights on the bike and wheelchair to reduce the risk of tipping.
6. Is able to progress and regress the client’s programme within the scope of her knowledge and using the Hasomed’s gearing.
7. Ensures all equipment is clean before and after use in line with the infection prevention and control policy’s.